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Vertical blinds are a simple way of showing off your personality in a home. Much in the same way that fashion designers will tout that vertical stripes on clothing makes the wearer appear taller and more thin, the same principal applies to vertical blinds. Vertical stripes on a suit, for example, give off a feeling of high society and class. Those rooms with vertical, rather than horizontal facing blinds, gives off an undeniably more professional impression. Vertical blinds are a tasteful addition to any room of a home. Bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, and living rooms will all benefits from the illusion of length that the vertical slats represent.

Vertical Blinds

Blinds that ace vertically come in a number of different styles. You could choose the more traditional separated vertical slats that have nothing attaching them together. These types of vertically placed blinds have a separation of space between them and allows those dwelling in a home to easily part them whenever they wish to take a gander outside. These types of blinds are fantastic for sliding glass doors or living rooms, where you might want to have that ability to easily gain access to the outside world. They also provide you with a more vintage look, since these types of blinds were very popular from the 1960’s through to the 1990’s. Luminettes are a complimentary addition to this set of blinds.

Sliding Blinds

Those who may be seeking more modern vertically placed blinds may be interested in a vertical blind option that pulls all of the slats at once. These blinds are reminiscent of a sheet of paper or rice paper walls that you might see in a traditional Japanese home. These blinds have a more modern feel to them and tend to provide even greater coverage of light, since there is no space between the slats. Since the slats are also only one large unit that pull together, all it takes is a simple tug on the mechanism and it will be pulled shut in moments. These blinds are ideal for those who are more concerned with privacy and the ability to block out even more light in an attractive manner. This makes this type of blind most ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Custom Vertical Blinds

No matter what type of blind you decide to go with, vertical or horizontally placed, all windows could do with a bit of dressing up. Window treatments are a fantastic way to really give some character to a room. Enhance the look of your new blinds with some colorful and fanciful drapery. Get creative and let your inner interior designer shine through. Homeowners can make a significant impression with how they decorate their windows. Drapes can make or break the way a room looks overall. There’s a reason why so many interior decorators comment on how much they dislike someone’s drapes. A good set of drapery can nicely match a room’s decor and add harmony to a room’s overall feel.

Window treatments range in the fabric that they come in, the length, the cut type, thread count, color, pattern, and the list goes on. With window treatments, you have a world of options at your disposal to work with. It all depends on the limits of your imagination and what direction you are wanting to go with a room. The drapes often set the tone, so think about what mood you’re wanting to set in advance. Any drapery that can reach floor to ceiling will scream elegance, since it makes a good addition to the vertical type blinds mentioned before. For shorter windows, simplicity is key to not overwhelming the smaller window space.


Build your window blind however you want with customizable options …